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Rock Climbing in Omiš, Croatia

With a distinctive blend of clear sea, Cetina River and grey rocks that is a feast for the eyes; there are multiple advantages why to do rock climbing in Omiš. The majority of routes can be reached by road, which is a significant advantage for climbing groups.

Number of forty directions for climbing, which are situated at seven locations, guarantees an interesting and exciting active holiday in Omiš. The difficulty is ranged from easiest to hardest, so these are suitable both for beginners that has yet to climb and those evaluated rock climbers. Traditionally, a large number of tourist climbers from all over Europe visit Omiš throughout the year.


starting at 9 a.m. on the climbing area „Planovo“
introducing to your instructor and to basics of climbing
equipment claiming (climbing shoes, a belt and a helmet)
rock climbing lasts up to 3 hours
receiving free rock climbing pictures


• suitable sportsware and drinks are recommendable
• this adventure is 100% safe if you cooporate with your instructor 
Price per person:
250 kn


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