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Pisak on Omiš Riviera, Croatia

Pisak is a pleasant village, situated about 18 kilometers from Omiš, near the main road Split - Dubrovnik in the far east of Omiš Riviera. It is located under the steep coast of the harbor with a 50 meter long breakwater and pier. The depth of the sea is not so big, so you can take vessels with a draft of up to 1 meter.

This quiet village was once a small fishing village but it is now a tourist destination with many accommodation units in Pisak. Nearby, there is an underwater source that flows directly into the sea. The beaches are mostly made of large and small rocks. Two kilometers to the east there is the bay Vrulja where you can often feel Adriatic winds, and especially strong wind called bura. Other wind is called jugo, which is not so dangerous, yet powerful, blowing parallel to the coast.

People who live in Pisak benefit mainly from tourism, because 248 of the 256 houses are apartments Pisak, guesthouses or hotels. There is a church, a cemetery, a number of pubs and restaurants – everything you need to relax and enjoy. Great service attracts tourists in addition to pebble beach and clear water of the Adriatic Sea. If you are looking for a destination spot for a calm vacation with small children, then Pisak is the ideal place as because the sea gradually goes from shallow to deep so you can relax a bit more when you are on the beach. One of the reason you should choose Pisak as your holiday destination is the cheapest prices in comparison with larger places in Dalmatia.