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Our Lady of Carmel Monastery in Omiš, Croatia

In 1715, the Turks forced Franciscans to abandon their monastery on an island in Prološko Blato and, after a short stay in Dobrči near Pisak; they were located in Omiš out of town at the church of Our Lady of Carmel, in Skalice.

A construction of a new monastery began in 1716 and it was completed in 1718. It was later expanded and edited. Our Lady of Carmel Monastery has been completely renovated and given its present form in 1902. The church of Our Lady of Carmel was built next to the monastery. There was also elementary school for small children. In the 18th century, provincial institution was located within the monastery. This Franciscans monastery in Omiš was also known for inn, which was a separate building near the monastery. It received travellers and the poor, giving them shelter and food. Today, the monastery contains a library, an archive, a rich fund of music, but also many Baroque paintings and valuables, wooden furniture and a great museum. Two busts of Friar Stipan Vrljić and Friar Karlo Bilić are set outside the monastery.