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Lokva Rogoznica on Omiš Riviera, Croatia

Lokva Rogoznica is the suburb place of Omiš, which is only 7 kilometers away. It is located in the east of the Omiš Riviera, at the foot of the mountain Dinara, 30 km from Split and 25 km from Makarska. There are 392 permanent inhabitants in this small place, which are mainly involved in tourism and viticulture.

There are two parts of Lokva Rogoznica – the old part and the new part. Majority of apartments of Lokva Rogoznica are located in the new part near the sea. The center or the old part is located at 260 meters above sea level. There are two main churches in Lokva Rogoznica, which are of high value: the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the center of this place and the Church of Saint Vitus from 13th or 14th century at the top of Dinara at 639 m above sea level. If you like active vacation, you can reach this later church via landscaped pedestrian path, ideal for all ages of mountaineers.

If you decide to visit this place for your summer holidays, you can enjoy some of the nicest beaches – both sandy and rocky. We recommend you to visit beach called Artina, which is one of the most popular beaches in Lokva Rogoznica, as it is located near the camping area.
There are also some great restaurants in the area so you can try some really great homemade Dalmatian specialties, such as fresh fish from the sea, delicious olives from their own olive groves or fine wines from their wineries.