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Canyoning in Omiš, Croatia

If you are planning to spend an active holiday in Croatia, we highly recommend canyoning near Cetina River. Although just walking down the canyon often called canyoning, in the narrow sense this activity involves technical descent, which requires mountaineering equipment.

Canyons best for canyoning are those that are etched in stone bedrock, and forming narrow gorges with numerous drops, beautifully carved canyon walls and spectacular waterfalls. Excursions near the restaurant Radman’s mills are located 6 kilometers upstream from Omiš in the heart of the Canyon on Cetina River. You can get here by water using small boats, or by road in the valley of the river, following its course, which was built in the time of Czar Joseph.


meeting at 1 p.m. in Omiš (or by agreement)

transfer from Omiš to Zadvarje village
equipment claiming (neoprene suit, vest, helmet and safety belt)
canyoning lasts up to 5 hours
receiving free canyoning pictures


• suitable sportsware and drinks are recommendable
• this adventure is 100% safe if you cooporate with your instructor
• minimum number of participants is two

Price per person:
Basic: 260 kn

Advanced: 455 kn


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